Thursday, November 21, 2013

Culver City, CA Family Photographer: The R family

I met the R family through some awesome clients.  Like myself, mama E is very fond of candid shots.  If you know pre-teens, sometimes these are hard to come by.  However, between some semi-jokes and mama E and little sis tickling big bro, we were able to get some of my favorite pictures to date.  

A note to big bro, K:  Thank you for giving us some smiles that day and hanging in there even though you were sick.  You rock!

A note to little sis, S:  You, girly, are a future model in the making.  The camera loves you and even more important, you love IT!  :)  

Thank you, mama E for inviting me to capture some wonderful photos of you and your "babies."  :)

{Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area- Los Angeles, CA}

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