Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ventura, CA Couples Photographer: The Parents

Recently my parents and I took a short trip to Ventura to take some pictures at the beach.  It's so nice to see my parents in a photo by themselves, dressed, minus kids, and minus grandkids.  :)

{Ventura, CA}

 If you knew them, you'd know that getting into the water with your jeans on is NOT their idea of fun. Although at the session, it was and they kept their cool when the waves started coming in!
 Celebrities need a break too. :)

 My parents are the most beautiful candid.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Santa Clarita, CA Senior Photographer: Blake

Meet Blake.
Remember his cousin, Heidi, the sweetest gal you've ever met who has awesome style?  Well, Blake also happens to be the sweetest guy you've ever met...also with awesome style.  I'm starting to think this is some sort of conspiracy because at 17, I could barely put together an outfit.

It's almost insane how beautiful this family is.

I die.  THIS is one of my favorite photos I've EVER taken.  EVER.

Cute, genuine, and smart!  What a catch!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Santa Clarita, CA Senior Photographer: Heidi

Meet Heidi.
A senior in high school.
With a style all her own.
Just about the sweetest gal you'll ever meet.

She's got legs to the moon and back.  Jealous party of one right here.

All the best as you go onto college, Heidi!

La Canada, CA Cake Smash /La Candada, CA Family Photographer: Baby A and Fam

{Glenola Park- La Canada, CA}

This has become one of my favorite spots- a tiny little "park" (if you can even call it that) on your way up to the Angeles National Forest.  It's especially great for a good ol' cake smash- away from the crowds at the park so the kiddos don't get overwhelmed.  I was lucky enough to not only do baby A's cake smash, but also take some family pics with his mom, dad, and big bro!  

Sometimes your family can't be good looking enough, right?  How cute are they!?!?

One super silly face requested by big bro.

Gorgeous mama!

Here we gooooooo...

Not having this mess.  He's callin' for his mama.  What a cutie!